Thursday, January 6, 2022

Tender is the Night

featured on Martin Hoogeboom's Soundcloud compostition 


Empty Hands

 Lege Handen Ifassen Ixwan Empty Hands


A Covid-19 experience with photographs, poems, illustrations
3 Artists, 3 Languages, 3 Continents
Maartje Jaquet, Baghdad el Mesbahe, Shelley Savor

The SoulFood - Prince Edward County


The SoulFood Curated Art Event 

Prince Edward County at The Eddy


2020 Worldwide Pandemic 

Covid Days

2020 Year of the Metal Rat 

Salon - Gallery50

Listen To The Water 


Solo Exhibit - Gallery50 Private Salon Event

Moments and Meditations - Arcadia Gallery

 Arcadia Gallery Group Exhibit

Moments and Meditations - Exhibit with artist Sue Stanley


At The Reception